Hatching Duck Eggs

Egg shape is Hatching egg has a blunt side containing a small air cell and a clearly recognizable sharp end.

Egg shell - Our quality hatching egg shells are smooth, without ridges or small lumps.The colour of eggs within a batch is uniform.eggs are with thicker shells,free from disease's like (IB, NCD, EDS).

Albumen - Hatching eggs contain a higher proportion of thick, viscous albumen with less thin albumen.Good quality albumen is translucent with a greenish or yellow cast indicating the presence of riboflavin With out Meat or blood spots.

Yolk - The yolk has a uniform colour without any blood or meat spot.

Embryo - The embryo is visible as a doughnut-like opaque ring with a translucent centre embryo is 3-5 mm in diameter.