White Pekin Ducks

Layers - A smaller bird that will lay between 250 - 280 eggs per year. They will begin to produce at 5 months of age and will continue for three to six years. In reality, the first year of production is the best and there is a decline in production after the first season. You can choose between brown and white egg layers. The Leghorn is the best of the white egg layers however they can be flighty and high-strung. Other breeds laying white eggs include Minorcas, Anconas, and the California Whites. The Production Red is the best of the brown egg layers. This hybrid bird is a cross between Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshire. Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshires are good brown egg layers. The Sex-links are very productive brown egg layers.

Meat Production Breeds - The Cornish Rock cross is the meat production bird. This breed is a cross between Cornish and Plymouth Rock. The Cornish Rock cross will consume two pounds of feed for each pound gained. Keep in mind that broilers/fryers are butchered at three and a half to five pounds and roasters are butchered at six to eight lbs. The quicker a bird makes the weight gain the more economical it is to raise. Other breeds that are considered meat production birds are Brahmas, Cochins, and Cornish. These breeds will take much longer to reach butcher weight.